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Welcome to Ozcarpool- Australia's FREE premier carpool website.

Are you one of tens of thousands of frustrated people who drive to work every day, getting stuck in the same peak hour traffic jams morning and night?

Have you noticed that in the cars that are crawling along beside you, most vehicles contain just one person, meaning the roads are cluttered with mostly empty vehicles.

 Sharing a ride to work or university will mean less traffic on the road and a more enjoyable and speedy trip for yourself. Maybe you can catch up on some sleep while someone else does the driving!

Imagine being able to afford an overseas holiday every year simply because you share a ride to work or university each day. It is estimated the average commuter could save  $2500.00 per year by carpooling with just one person. The more people you share a ride with, the more you save.

Simply register your information using our secure login and Ozcarpool will put you in touch with other people in your area that commute at the same time as you each day. Once you get a match all you have to do is contact that person via email to start your carpool group.

By using Ozcarpool you will also help contribute towards Australia's efforts to reduce pollution and help our enviroment.



Get out of the rat race and get into the fast lane!


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